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Pleased to meet you, I’m myfoglio, the easiest and fastest way to create invoices, quotes and record your expenses, but I can do a lot more too. I’ll help you save time so that you can focus on your interests and business.

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With the launch of the portal, there’s also a new commercial offer.

This offer includes features such as:

A professional webpage with your own URL.

Sharing with your accountant.

No advertising.

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Manage your invoices online, now.

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No costs, no credit cards.

No limits to the number of invoices or to client database.

Recommended for freelancers, professionals, consultants, small and medium enterprises.

Save time, organize your invoices and documents in one place.


A simple and intuitive interface to issue invoices, credit notes, receipts and delivery notes. Compile documents automatically with the exclusive «Smart» feature.


Monitor your clients’ payments. Automatic memos make it very easy to issue recurring invoices. Automatic late payment reminders speed up collection procedures.

Issue your first invoice in less than two minutes.

Quick research

All your files are neatly organized in your private online archive. Upload estimates, confirmations, orders and other documents. Find immediately the file you need with the advanced research.

Reports to instantly monitor your situation

Watch your turnover, cash inflow and tax forecasts in real-time. Speed up monthly checks with your consultant.

No viruses, no data loss. Everything is safe in the cloud.

Keep your data completely secure in your private cloud. No viruses, no loss of data.

Secure access to your data with a 256-bit SSL connection

Just think of a good password and keep it safe, and I will take care of the rest, protecting your data in the best possible way.

Customize your documents

Choose the invoice template you prefer and insert your logo.


Share your activities with your accountant, your partner or your secretary. Speed up the exchange of information and reduce administrative mistakes.


International business? Issue documents for every country, with multi-currency management and real-time update of the exchange rate.

Always up-to-date

Sector news, new VAT codes, new features and much more, available in real time.


lines of C# coding at your service


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“I’m using the free version, so I’m not familiar with the whole program, but this part is already sufficient for us so we can give positive feedback”

“I am getting on well with it for now, it does what I need”

“The service works very well and makes things a lot easier for someone like me who has to deal with invoicing as a separate job, which takes time away from my business development!”

“a really good and easy program”

“the recurring invoices feature is extremely useful”

“A different kind of program from the usual management tool, hats off to their fast and friendly support”.

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